Apex Solar Solutions

Solar Panel Providers, Installers and Designers for Residential and Commercial Use.

Who we are.

Like many good things, Apex Solar Solutions started as a couple local guys and gals with roots in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Since then we've gone on to re-establish ourselves as a leading solar panel provider for several different states. It's our passion and pursuit to create a world where future generations are well educated about solar energy, the environment is well kept, and the state of the electrical grid is just a small issue for our nation.


Call us today to start your next project with Apex solar Solutions. We'll walk you through our process of installing the most efficient solar panel system that will meet your requirements.


We'll design the perfect solar solution for your home or commercial needs. Our advanced software and design process will maximize your solar efforts.


Here's the fun part we all know and love. Installing solar panels on your house for years to come. Years of saved money, less headaches, and small bills. Increased home value, and the list goes on and on.


Not only do we pride ourselves in amazing solar panel design, but we take special care in educating you about your solar system. Throughout the process you'll learn how to operate your system, take care of it, and much more.