Did you know that Salt Lake City, Utah gets over 222 sunny days per year? Harness that free energy with solar panels and save thousands.

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Why You Should Consider Letting Utah’s Best Solar Design Company Install and Design Your Very Own Cash Generating Solar Panels

You can easily count on our professionals to model and also build a solar system which you’ll appreciate. We’re committed to keeping this experience simple. Honest and open communication with our customers are critical keys of success to each installation. We’ve installed millions of watts of electricity, so you can certainly trust when our experts say that we understand the process of going solar.
There’s never ever been a more affordable time to purchase solar than now. With energy rates increasing at about 3% each year usually, there’s no counting on predictable energy rates. When your home is being powered by the sun, your home will be regularly powered, even during the winter season and on dark days.
Have you discovered just how much you could be saving with solar power yet? It’s simple. Find out how much you could be saving with our solar savings calculator to see exactly how much you could save. Could you be saving tens of thousands of dollars? It’s definitely possible, as the average homeowner can save between $20,000-80,000.

Custom Solar Panels and Sustainable Power Systems Now Available To Not Just Salt Lake City, But All Of Utah’s Homeowners

Powering Up Utah The Ethical Way

Find out how much you can save on your energy bill by switching to custom designed solar panels today.

Store Energy During The Day

Let your solar panels take advantage of a sustainable, natural resource for power.

Recharge At Night

Left over solar power can be used for thermal energy, sold back to the local energy station for extra cash, or used for the next day! All while you zzz!

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Powering Utah The Right Way

Salt Lake City is known throughout the world for its natural beauty. From Winter Olympics to picturesque vacations, it’s hard to compete with the snow, mountains, and lakes.

But now more than ever is that natural splendor in danger. You can do your part by helping contribute to Utah’s future by switching to solar energy options. When you replace some, or even all, of your power consumption over from the grid to professionally installed solar panels, you’re helping your wallet, as well as your community. Let’s dive into how you can take advantage of one of the greatest places to utilize the sun by installing solar panels in Utah!

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    Save Money With Sustainable Solar Energy

    Your custom Apex Solar Solutions solar system will be cost efficient by how much annual sunlight Colorado receives. This equates to a faster R.O.I. , lower electricity costs, and access to government solar tax credits.

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    Quality Installations and Simplified Customer Service

    Our customers are the life blood to our business. Apex Solar Solutions has a keep it simple approach when it comes to solar panel installation and design. We make it simple to understand, simple to purchase, and work with you the entire time.

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    Guaranteed Long Lasting Solar Panel Systems

    Our experts will keep your mind at peace for decades to come. Our Colorado solar panels will continuously pay for themselves day in and day out for years to come. Never worry about your power going out, paying outrageous electric bills, or pesky maintenance and upkeep.


We have outstanding expertise in the solar technology industry. We are looking forward to helping each and every one of you save money, make a positive impact on the environment, add value and equity to your home, open up to advantageous government tax breaks, and guide and educate you on the entire solar installation process! We’ll be here for you throughout the entire process, every step of the way. So let’s get started with your new solar installation today!

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