Power For Life Means Giving Back!

At Apex Solar Solutions, we understand the importance of helping others. That’s why we’re partnering with the nonprofit organization, Children and the Earth. We call our commitment to the community, “Power for Life.”

Children and the Earth’s mission is to assist children faced with life-threatening and sometimes terminal illness. Children and The Earth creates special opportunities for these children and their families to make memories to last a lifetime. The organization also assists in easing the burden of medical expenses while these children are faced with hard battles.

What Does Power For Life Look Like?

“In May 2017, Apex Solar Solutions installed a customized solar system (valued at approximately $40,000) at no cost at the home of a Taylorsville family of five that’s been facing some difficult challenges for the past couple of years.”

Candace Burr and her husband, Ryan, are the parents of three children including Brielle (2 years old at the time), who was born with Beare Stevenson syndrome, a rare disorder that causes the premature fusion of the skull.

Brielle was one of about 30 people to be diagnosed with Beare Stevenson syndrome.

This condition results in brain and breathing issues that affect the overall growth of her body.  Brielle depends on a ventilator, oxygen and gastronomy tube every day.

As you can imagine, the Burrs’ medical bills and monthly expenses are huge, so any daily cost-saving help will be greatly appreciated.

Your Support Makes A Big Difference

With the new system, the Burrs will be able to generate nearly 97 percent of their energy from solar.  In its first year, the system will reduce the 2,900-square-foot home’s utility costs from $1,660 to $123.  This system will produce a 25-year savings of $69,374.  This is like putting $231 in the Burrs’ pocket every month for the next 25 years.

Apex Solar Solutions will continue to work with Children and the Earth to give systems to worthy families in the future.

Want To Hear More Stories Like Brielle’s?

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