Estimate Your Solar Savings.

Projected on a self-owned, no money down solar plan over 25 years.

How We Calculated Your Savings.

How We Calculated
Your Solar Savings.

Your Electric Bill

We used your average monthly power bill to create a rough estimate of what your savings could be like with solar. We ran the numbers over a 25 year timespan.

Inflation Rates

Depending on where you live, electricity rate hikes can occur alarmingly fast – outpacing inflation for gas, groceries, and even total household income.

Cost Of The Project

In this simple projection, we used a popular $0 down solar plan, which allows homeowners to start saving money from day one, without the expenditure of paying in full.

What You Get With Our Full Solar Quote

Free System Design

A full end-to-end engineering and design process using state of the art, NREL (National Renewable Energy Labaratory) approved technology! We accurately design your system for optimal savings.

Best Roof Placement

Having an amazing team design the right system for your home is important, but so is placement. We find the ideal placement of your system by using the last 30 years of solar irradiance data from the sun.

Satellite + LiDAR Data

LiDar technology utilizes point cloud data in order to map the structure of your home. With extreme accuracy, we can design the system to your roof and predictably measure longterm savings.

25YR Savings Analysis

One of the most important aspects of your quote is knowing how the system will affect your total savings. Your design comes with a best-in-class 25-year* warranty as well as a 25-year savings analysis.

120% Maximum Offset

The maximum energy offset varies from state to state, but in general we can design the system to offset up to 120% of your current energy bill. Excess energy can even be sold back to the utility for a profit.

Optional Credit Check

If you’re looking to go solar for zero dollars upfront, then we can run a full credit check for you to see if you qualify. The credit check is 100% free and does not affect your credit score.

Ready For Massive Savings?

Are You Ready For
Massive Savings?

Go solar, and smile when you see you’re energy bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any maintenance?
Great question! One of the better reasons to go solar is that there are no moving parts, so the maintenance to be done on your system is pretty much none. It’s just sunlight being captured and powering your home.
What if something breaks?
If anything were to break, we have you covered with a 25-year warranty on your system. No questions asked, and no having to jump through extraneous amounts of hoops. If you think about it, that’s a long time for our manufacturers to hold a warranty!
Will it add value to my home?
In short, yes! On average, most homeowners add $3 to their home’s value per watt of power or $3,000 per kW. So an average 7kW system could become a major asset for your home, not just in solar savings, but by adding close to $21,000 in equity.
How much can I actually save?
Savings are based on many variables such as your electric bill, your roof exposure, and if you qualify for federal or corporate incentives. In general, Apex sees its customers save somewhere in the tens of thousands.

Go Solar On Your Own Terms.

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