Convenient Solar Plans.

Choose a solar plan that works for your budget, so you can go solar!

Choose a solar plan that works for
your budget, so you can go solar!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Will there be any maintenance?

Great question! One of the better reasons to go solar is that there are no moving parts, so the maintenance to be done on your system is pretty much none. It’s just sunlight being captured and powering your home.

What if something breaks?

If anything were to break, we have you covered with a 25-year warranty on your system. No questions asked, and no having to jump through extraneous amounts of hoops. If you think about it, that’s a long time for our manufacturers to hold a warranty!

Will it add value to my home?

In short, yes! On average, most homeowners add $3 to their home’s value per watt of power or $3,000 per kW. So an average 7kW system could become a major asset for your home, not just in solar savings, but by adding close to $21,000 in equity.

How much can I actually save?

Savings are based on many variables such as your electric bill, your roof exposure, and if you qualify for federal or corporate incentives. In general, Apex sees its customers save somewhere in the tens of thousands. For a quick savings estimate, click here!

Did You Know That You Can Go Solar For
$0 With Zero Percent Financing?

Did You Know You Can Go Solar For $0 On Zero Percent Financing?

Let’s make life a little better. Easily get qualified for zero down solar.

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