Get Qualified

Getting started begins with a free, no obligation discussion with a certified solar expert. It’s incredibly easy and only takes a moment.

Then we’ll ask you some basic questions about your home so that we can qualify you for solar!


System Design

Once you and one of our team members discuss the specifications of the project and how to best offset your current energy consumption, we get to work designing your unique solar system!


After the design is approved and you’re ready to move forward, we install your system!

At Apex, we aim for one-day installs. Our professional team has done thousands of installations, and we’d be proud to help yet another home go solar!


Great!! You’ve made the switch to go solar and we’ve installed your system!

Now we’ll get approval from the city so you know the system is up to regulation. Once the system is approved, it’s time to turn on the solar cells!

Power For Life!

You’re done! You made the switch to go solar!

Your commitment will change how the world runs on a deeper level by helping us be more involved in our communities and helping the environment.

Ready To Save $40k In Just A Few Seconds?

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