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We're proud to announce that our award winning solar design company will be donating a portion of revenue from each solar installation to Children and The Earth!

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You can trust our team to design and build a solar system that you’ll love. We’re committed to keeping this process simple. Honest and open communication with our customers are vital keys of success to each installation. We’ve installed millions of watts of energy, so you can trust when we say that we understand the process of going solar.
There’s never been a more cost-efficient time to invest in solar than now. With energy rates rising at about 3% each year on average, there’s no counting on predictable energy rates. When your home is being powered by the sun, your home will be consistently powered, even during the winter and on dark days.
Have you found out how much you can save with solar yet? it’s simple. Find out how much you can save by checking out our solar savings calculator to see exactly how much you could save. Could you be saving tens of thousands of dollars? It’s definitely possible, as the average citizen can save between $20,000-80,000.

Tier One Solar Panels – Tier One Service

Save Money

Increase your ROI by installing solar panels and saving in the long run. With utility rates increasing by as much as 7.2% a year, now is the time to go with affordable solar energy!

Quality Installs

Solar is a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy source with no moving parts. That means less maintenance and less vacation ruining hiccups down the road.


With our solar panel design and installation process you’ll get the peace of mind you really deserve. Just let your solar panels consistently pay for decades to come.

Apex Solar Solutions


Store Energy During The Day

Let your solar panels take advantage of a sustainable, natural resource for power.

Recharge At Night

Left over solar power can be used for thermal energy, sold back to the local energy station for extra cash, or used for the next day! All while you zzz!

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"We've had your solar panels installed for 4 years now and think it's absolutely brilliant. We're very happy with it's performance and would recommend it to anyone who was looking into solar." - Eileen C
"I met Apex through a friend and told my parents about their solar panels. They were super friendly to talk to with and did a great job taking care of our roof too. The installation was fast and easy and everyone did a really great job. My parents love them now!" - Austin
"It's been a great investment, I'd recommend it to anybody. I've worked in the construction industry for 32 years and have never seen such an efficient service or clean install from a company." - Michael H
"My experience with Apex Solar Solutions has been professional and honest in every way. They always did what they said they would do. I do recommend them to my family and friends." - G Powell
"This is not just another solar company, they are professionals and the best. The system they proposed was not the least expensive system of the 8 bids we received, but they were the most knowledgeable, provided the best upgrade options, and they don't just install to the minimum requirements their package included above code wiring and hardware. They went out of their way to make sure that we had the system we wanted, and went over and above to install the system with the best hardware and did not take the "easy" way to install the conduit and by doing so kept it easier to upgrade in the future if we have the need. I HIGHLY recommend them. If you want the best for your dollars spent, you need to check APEX out. When there was a shortage of the solar panels they had proposed to us, they upgraded our panels to a better, higher wattage, panel than they had bid, and did this at no additional cost to us. From the electrical team, to the installers, to the sales and support staff, you do not often find companies who care like they have shown to us. If I could give them 6 stars for an A+ effort I would do so without a doubt." - Brian Chatterton
"We had an extremely positive experience with Apex Solar. They were responsive and informative every step of the way. They believe in educating the customer on all aspects of their system rather than just selling them panels. They use top notch panels, inverters, and wiring rather than cutting corners and using older equipment. When we ran into a little problem with the layout of my roof that required an upgrade to meet our projected output, they absorbed the cost rather than passing it through to us. Since they are a subsidiary of a much larger electrical engineering firm we felt we were able to get the small company service but retain the larger company security. We will gladly recommend them to family and friends looking to upgrade their homes to Solar." - Ryan Moffitt

Frequently Asked Questions.

Apex Solar Solutions is expanding to new locations because we believe that solar energy is the way of our future. Putting money in people’s pockets, while helping out our ecosystem in a friendly manner is just one of many passions that we share.
You can trust our team to design and build a solar system that you’ll love. We’re committed to keeping this process simple. Honest and open communication with our customers are vital keys of success to each installation. We’ve installed millions of watts of energy, so you can trust when we say that we understand the process of going solar. Click here to see some of our testimonials.
Yes, we do both! From small businesses to large corporations, we’re happy to offer monumental savings to help lower the monthly cost of any commercial space. With such a high ROI, more people are seeing the future of electricity. Furthermore, we can help build your custom system for your home or commercial needs and help you save thousands of dollars.
There are many reasons why solar is a great investment. Namely, the first immediate reasons are savings on your electric bill, helping our environment by cutting back on carbon emissions, and because solar can help future generations to come. But, did you know that there’s some other great reasons to invest in solar? One little known benefit is that solar can raise the overall value of your home as well! Learn more to get our bonus reasons for going solar.

Your roof is a vital part to your solar panels operating on a solid platform. It’s very important that your roof is in safe, working condition before the solar panels are installed. Should anything happen down the road to your roof, the solar panels won’t be an issue for any normal repairs.
Yes, our solar panels come with a 25 year manufacturer warantee. We provide tier one solar panels with tier one level service.
Yes, we offer solar panel financing, called PPA’s (power purchase agreements). These come with zero percent financing rates, and zero or little money down. Best thing since sliced bread? You bet ya!
Rarely, if at all. Solar cells do not need to be cleaned unless they’re laid down perfectly flat, and you know there’s an obstruction. Obstructions can include leaves, bird droppings, snow, and dirt. Often times these obsturctions will make a neglible difference, and be cleaned off from natural occurance such as the sun, wind and rain.

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