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Real Reviews From Real People

We’re so happy! Thanks for everything. Apex has been great for us. We couldn’t be happier.

Scott C.

Las Vegas, NV

This company was amazing to work with from beginning to end. We looked at multiple companies and these guys really went the extra mile to earn our business. Not just with pricing but with the amazing customer service and awesome equipment. We have had solar now for 4 months and are seeing huge value. Thank you Apex family!!!

Cooper Smith

Los Angeles, CA

You can hardly see the panels! We’re just so happy to have our Apex Solar Solutions system on our house. You can hardly see the solar panels–even from the street. It’s just a really great system and I just been really pleased with the Apex people. I have enjoyed going out and looking at our net meter. Right now, it looks like my monthly bill is going to be $6 a month. I’m so happy!

Richard H.

Denver, CO

It was a great experience from the initial evaluation all way through the installation. The cost is what we expected with the industry norm, but the overall service made it well worthwhile.

Edward S.

Sandy, UT

Jordan Galley with Apex Solar helped design a great system for our home. Since the system went live we have gotten a small rebate each month, and that is during November and December, when the sun is out the shortest amount of time! Can’t wait to see how it produces in July and August.

Brendan Clancy

Boulder, CO

We sat through five solar panel pitches over the last five years, and Apex Solar Solutions–and Apex was the only one that made sense. The process from start to finish was really fast. Apex kept me on track. The guys that came and put the panels up are awesome! I was just surprised at how quickly this whole process was, so now we’re just waiting on Rocky Mountain Power to come out to do the net metering. It’s just been great!

Joni Fairbourn

Salt Lake City, UT

Our experience with Apex Solar Solutions was amazing. We had three other companies come out and Apex was the most knowledgeable and felt really trustworthy. We just could not ask for better people to come out. We didn’t feel like we were pressured and ended up going with Apex Solar Solutions. The panels are beautiful and merge right with the roof. The HOA approved the panels, and we had no problems. Great!

The Barnett's

Bend, OR

“This is not just another solar company. They are professionals and the best. The system they proposed was not the least expensive system of the eight bids we received, but they were the most knowledgeable, provided the best upgrade options, and they don’t just install to the minimum requirements. Their package included above-code wiring and hardware. They went out of their way to make sure that we had the system we wanted, and went over and above to install the system with the best hardware, and did not take the ‘easy’ way to install the conduit, and by doing so, kept it easier to upgrade in the future if we have the need. I HIGHLY recommend them. If you want the best for your dollars spent, you need to check Apex out. When there was a shortage of the solar panels they had proposed to us, they upgraded our panels to a better, higher wattage panel than they had bid—and did this at no additional cost to us. From the electrical team to the installers to the sales and support staff, you do not often companies who care like they have shown to us. If I could give them six stars for an A+ effort, I would do so without a doubt.”

Brian C.

Denver, CO

Jordan Galley and the entire Apex team were wonderful to work with. They were extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in a timely manner. They kept us informed through each step of the process. We would highly recommend the Apex team.

Chris Pratt

Denver, CO

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A seasoned energy consultant will answer any questions you have about going solar and help you choose a solar plan that’s right for you!

System Design

Our team gets to work; diligently creating the layout, size, design and other engineering specifications of your new solar system!

Install & Activate

Once approved, the installation team works safely to fasten the panels to the roof and connect them to your home’s power grid.

Power For Life

Great! No more energy bills! Enjoy your future savings knowing that you’ve done your part to help make our planet more sustainable!

We Love Giving Back To Our Community!

It’s More Than Just Financial Responsibility

At Apex Solar Solutions, we understand the importance of helping others.

That’s why we’re partnering with the nonprofit organization, Children and the Earth. We call our commitment to the community, “Power for Life.”

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Keep up to date with the latest in solar news, politics, and technology.

What impact will President Trump have on solar energy?

As President Donald Trump talks about protecting the United States’ coal industry and is walking away from the Paris Agreement on climate change, many journalists and observers are asking about the future of solar energy.  According to Newsweek journalist Kevin Maney...

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